Personal Sound Frequencies

Did you know that your voice is more unique than your DNA?

Each person has a unique energy signature, and your entire essence can be captured through analyzing your voice.  I use an amazing software, developed by Quantum Sound Therapy, to create a unique set of tones and frequencies specifically designed to begin to help harmonize and balance you.

When you begin listening to your personal frequencies you will begin to break away the subconscious blocks and limitations of your beingness.

This will allow you to be in greater harmony in your life and begin to propel you forward to having the life you truly desire. Listening to your personal frequencies allows your consciousness to change by by-passing the judgements of our “thinking mind." We are able to connect with our Being on a deeper level to effect our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies that allows us to evolve beyond the barriers that our mind or ego put in place.

There are different ways of listening to your personal tones, I recommend either with a headset on or through quality speakers; this will allow you to move through your day normally. You can also choose to “amplify” the impact of your personal set of frequencies by doing an Individual Quantum Sound Session or purchase an IQube Technology from to enhance your experience.

Below is a sample of a voice chart created from the unique energy of your voice.

Voice Chart

The software analyzes the energy of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and receives you as a harmonic being. The program perceives the different aspects of these bodies and is able to detect what frequencies would specifically contribute to you on your journey.

Sound Session: 

  • Sound session only including a bottle of structured water imprinted with your frequency
  • Approximately 60 to 90 minutes in length
    • Investment: $150.00 plus applicable taxes

Sound Session + Intuitive Session: 

  •  Sound session plus your own personal intuitive session with Rachel
  • Approximately 90 to 120 minutes in length
  • Tarot cards, channelling, facilitation OR body work will be used
    • Investment: $200.00 plus applicable taxes

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