Are you looking for more change and greater ease in your life?

This service is a powerful choice to begin opening up to the greater possibilities that are available to you in your life. If you have decided that you have to struggle to have the life you truly desire than this may be a good choice for you!

You will be provided with different tools, and processes, clearing statements, exercises and guided meditations to begin to choose more of what actually works for YOU! These are pragmatic tools that you can employ in your everyday life to begin to shift the energy so you create the life that actually contributes to you.


This includes, but is not limited to release techniques, access clearing statements, questions for creation, ho’oponopono practices, guided meditations and inner work exercises, occult rituals, and goal setting.

30-Minute Session: $90.00
60-Minute Session: $140.00
90-Minute Session: $180.00

30-Minute Session + Healing Session: $150.00
(Choose from Access Bars, Usui Reiki, or Hawaiian Piko Piko/Chakra Balancing)