Photography: Kat Wilson

Photography: Kat Wilson

I have spent a lot of time in the dark. 

I have struggled with addiction, an eating disorder, abusive relationships and everything in between. It was a psychoactive plant from Africa that liberated me from the slavery of my mind and catapulted me into the realm of consciousness I currently reside in.

I am committed to living a conscious life and
am facilitating others to choose the same.

I struggled as a Psychology student to continue my Masters program because I would always perceive how it was designed to make people wrong, and then “fix” the wrongness. Like many people I used to always perceive the limitations  of my life, but through intensive self exploration I now KNOW that I have infinite possibilities available to me in every moment, and that my “wrongness” are actually huge capacities that contribute to me and my life.


It’s a mixed bag, just like me. I’m an extravert and a solitary Virgo. A joyful being, and a contemplative creature. A sweetheart and a hard ass. When I embraced being the infinite Being I truly Be I was able to release the things I thought defined me, and the unfolding of ALL of me began. I invite you to consider choosing the same.


I have travelled the world studying consciousness in all forms, from Hawaii studying the ancient mysticism of Ho’oponopono, to India chanting with Swamis in caves, graduating with a Psychology degree in the West, exploring sacred plant medicine with a mystic in Croatia, learning to embody loving awareness with Ram Dass, training to create a reality that contributes to ME with Access Consciousness, studying with metaphysical counsellors, and MUCH MORE.



Conscious Alchemist, Counsellor, Magician, Lover, Teacher, Mother, Warrior, Entrepreneur


alchemy, creation, manifesting, telepathy, HOT yoga, tarot cards, tattoos, fashion, psychedelics, travelling, pyramids, Ford Broncos, star stones, fairy magic, ancient civilizations, space travel, PLANTS, Harry Potter, and animals


  • transformational coaching
  • shift energy
  • teach consciousness classes
  • guide plant journeys
  • write
  • illustrate
  • tattoo shop owner

"The only way I know how to show up anymore is as ME.


It’s my commitment to myself and to my life to be my authentically magical self. It’s not something that I have and you don’t. It’s something I practice EVERY SINGLE DAY. 
When you commit to YOU it won’t matter if people love you or hate you, because you will show up as fully YOU unapologetically. Not because you are trying to be this way for this person or that person, but because you know at your CORE that there is no other way to be.
And you don’t do this by asking “how can you be authentic?” you do it by asking Who am I? What do I choose for me? What do I actually know to be true? And when you begin to explore the depths of your BEING, being authentic will actualize all on its own."

- Rachel Johanson